La Hescritora

La Hescritora is my first short film. Madeleine, Andrew, Clay and I shot it with and old Super 16mm Arri camera in NYC during the autumn of 2004. It was an unforgettable and meaningful experience that encouraged me deeply to become a filmmaker.

La Hescritora was shot in Super 16mm.

Still frames

la hescritora victor ruano santasombra

la hescritora victor ruano santasombra


A lonely woman writes poetically in her journal at iconic New York City sites, exploring ideas of gender, love, sexuality and solitude. La Hescritora is an intense parable about a young writer whose destiny is built by her dreams, fears and memories. The words that flow from her pen create alternate physical realities, taking her on a poetic journey through a sordid world of solitude and melancholy.

El Salvador / USA, 2004, 9:52 min.
Director: Victor Ruano
Writer: Victor Ruano
Producer: Andrew Lubetkin
D.P. Clay Haskell
Sound Design: Jay Wynne
VFX Director: Danilo Girón
Cast: Madeleine Alder Cossitt, Andrea Vilanova, René Pérez & Katy Davies (voice over)