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SOMBRA, AKA. Victor Ruano

I'm a Motion Graphics Designer, AI illustrator, Video Editor, and Fine Artist/Painter. I specialize in creating stunning visual communication and motion graphics systems. I strive to create unique and original artwork that is both visually appealing and functionally effective. I love working with clients to bring their vision to life, and I'm always open to new challenges. If you're looking for an artist who can help you create amazing visuals, then please contact me. I'd be happy to discuss your project with you.

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The project is a series of ethereal illustrations for a children’s book that is inspired by the four seasons in Virginia. Each illustration is infused with a sense of magic, capturing the unique beauty and atmosphere of the state during each season. The illustrations are created using artificial intelligence, allowing for a high level of detail and realism. The book follows a young character as they explore Virginia during the different seasons, encountering a wide range of plants, animals, and landscapes along the way. The illustrations are sure to captivate and inspire young readers, offering a magical and enchanting introduction to the beauty of Virginia.