Glitched self-portraits

This post is a personal collection of my most recent glitched self-portraits that I have uploaded at my profile in ELLO. I have been using only my cell-phone and several apps for Android to achieve these results. Tools used for this project: Processing, Pixel sorting, Data bending, Data moshing, Scanner, Chromatic, 3D, VHS, Warp, Ghost, Burn, Quake, Window, XDR, Drone, Pixel, Triangle, Delaunay, Wave, Hacker, WEBP, Rubik, Artisanal.

Glitched self-portraits:

glitched victor-ruano-portrait-santasombra-glitch-001

glitched victor-ruano-portrait-santasombra-glitch-002







NYC street-art

My street-art exploration in NYC.…

From NYC street-art, posted by Victor Ruano on 8/27/2012 (225 items)

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London street-art

I am back from London Olympics 2012, with a ton of pictures. This is the first batch, which contains my street-art exploration.…

From London street-art, posted by Victor Ruano on 8/16/2012 (301 items)

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