At Suspect we finished the style boards and animation tests for the new Ferrari energy drink TV ad.

At Suspect designing the style boards, animation tests and final animations for the new graphic image of NICK tv.

El Cadáver Exquisito won the Festival ICARO cine y video en El Salvador, with this we will be in Guatemala for the ICARO Central American film festival version. La prensa gráfica articleEl diario de hoy article.

El Cadáver Exquisito is part of the international film Festival Cine//B in Santiago de Chile, in the category called: “Largo, el resto del mundo.” The festival is partnering with MUBI to screen the films in MUBI’s online platform. From November 5th to the 13th, El Cadáver Exquisito (the whole movie) will be screened worldwide and for free. This is the direct link for the movie.

“Los piratas” in El Salvador released a DVD copy of our movie El Cadáver Exquisito.