{ December }

This month we have been doing motion graphics for JWTwo, Macy’s, Zyrtec & Kimberly-Clark.

NBC Olympics & Sports has invited us again to be part of the graphic design team for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We will be in Vancouver starting at the end of January and we will be back in the NY area during March.

We have also been editing El Cadáver Exquisito and advancing work on the website.

New studio space for us this month; an 8th floor apt. with a great view!

{ November }

The beginning of the month was at JWTwo, working on the Microsoft campaign.

The Traingle Arts Association in Dumbo, Brooklyn was available for us from the 5th to the 12th. Rossemberg Rivas was here, and we had the opportunity to shoot from the 6th to the 11th. Thanks to Triangle Arts Association, Crafford Family, Shelley Ruano, Sarah Walko, Rossemberg Rivas, Paul Fiterson, Laura Caballero, Malado Baldwin, Damali Abrams, Ana Maria Duran, Juan Carlos Duran, Zuki Zoey, Jarrett Brandon, Heather Klar, Karina and Ella and Ismael Klepper.

We will have our last – last – last shoot for El Cadáver Exquisito, Saturday the 21st, an interview with “Leoparda Corazones & Zuki Zoey”

{ October }

We went to Niagara Falls, Ontario and took the opportunity to shoot a lot of water for El Cadáver Exquisito! At the same time, Ever Amado was being shown at the Vancouver Film Festival 2009.

We had the opportunity to work with JWTwo for a few different clients: HSBC, Caribbean Royale, and Microsoft.

Triangle Arts gave us more studio time in November for the shooting of El Cadaver Exquisito.

{ September }

El Salvador was a blast. We shot everything what we schedule and even more. El Cadáver Exquisito shootings were a success, 15 days, non stop filming across the country. We would like to thank Rossemberg Rivas, Miguel Angel Servellón, Mauricio Cárcamo, Carlos Ruano, and The Ruano & Servellón families, Deborá Larromana, David Ulloa, Alejandra Palomo, Cristina López, Sarah Zelaya, Circo El Gitano, Politur y la Policia Nacional Civil, La Alcaldia y Alcaldeza de Nejapa, Flickeros de El Salvador.

Ever Amado participated in The Vancouver Film Festival, it was shown at the SFU Downtown Campus Harbour Centre (SFU) this past September the 13th at 3:00pm.

El Diario de Hoy from El Salvador (12) and TV Novelas (3) from Mexico realesed a report about our participation in the festival. Here is the report #1, #2 and #3. Thanks EDH and Cancilleria de El Salvador.

We continue working with JWT; this time for Microsoft and its campaign People Ready.

We are working on the opening titles for MLG STRIDE via JWTwo.

{ August }

“Ever Amado” has been accepted to compete in the Vancouver Latin American Film Festival. We are planning to attend!

This month we will continue creating the Bravo Package along with GRETEL NY.

We will be in the Wassaic Art show in upstate NY along with Sarah Walko. This will be the second to last shoot for our next film, El Cadaver Exquisito.

In El Salvador & Guatemala from the 24th to Sept 10th. This will be the last shoot for our film, El Cadaver Exquisito.

We have started creating the web site for El Cadaver Exqusito. It will be up soon… Save the domains: www.el-cadaver-exquisito.com

{ July }

This month was exceptional for us. We started collaborating with GRETEL, a motion graphics and animation studio located in Manhattan, and The BRAVO Channel, creating the 3D and 2D material for the new Bravo package, which is on the air now. This is an ongoing relationship.

In the middle of the month we had the opportunity to continue working with JWT.

The TV show, “La Cocina Indigena” has started to produce the second 30 min pilot, this time it is located in TEXCOCO, Mexico. We are providing editing and motion graphics services. La Cocina Indigena is a TV show by Ernesto Hernández, a creative director from Univision TX and Antenna Studio, companies which are partially funding the program.

Our next film: El Cadáver Exquisito is in full production now, Rossemberg Rivas was here with us half of the month, tuning and completing the necessary arrangement to start shooting. Triangle Arts, a non-profit organization in Dumbo, Brooklyn dedicated to supporting art projects in development, granted us the use of a studio space for the shoot. Sarah Walko, Heather Willems and we created the installations and sets for these scenes. Rossemberg Rivas and Andrea Lira were the main cast. Rossemberg is a Cirque du Soileil trained performer and Andrea is a Chilean artist & dancer based in NYC. Rossemberg is one of the main characters in our film. Claudia Sandoval documented the shooting process. Claudia and Andrea Lira are members of “Unclassified Time,” an art video collaboration with Santasombra. Pavel worked as the VFX supervisor, he dealt mainly with the green screen, hdr image capture, global illumination requirements and the spatial tracking of the set for 3D use. Laura Caballero was the right hand in this production. Thank you all…

We celebrated a birthday this month! Thanks to everyone for your kind messages and wishes.

We participated in an art show this month at Red Tin Shack gallery in Redhook, Brooklyn. We presented along with Rossemberg Rivas, Sarah Walko and Gabriela Vainsencher a series of video projections/stopmotion animations, installations of sculptures and tiny objects, and a performance. The show was on July 18th, and the work will be part of our movie El Cadaver Exquisito.

{ June }

Recently we have expanded our graphic repertoire into the area of architectural visualization with two projects showing renovation ideas for a single-family house for sale in Westport, Connecticut.

Santasombra will be participating in the IDA (International Design Awards) Poster of the Year Competition for 2009

Santasombra is developing a one minute 3D/2D procedural animation for LUX, using Blender, C4D and TopMod as the basic 3D and procedural softwares.

Santasombra is working along with Ernesto Hernandez and Univison – El Paso, TX on the TV show La Cocina Indígena (The Indigenous Cuisine). We are editing and creating motion graphics material.

Our next film, El Cadaver Exquisito is growing. We are planning and pre-producing our next trip to El Salvador in July to shoot the second round of scenes, with Rossemberg Rivas.

{ May }

Santasombra attended the 30th ANNUAL SPORTS EMMY AWARDS 2008 at The Fredick P. Rose Hall, Home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, with the NBC Olympics design team: David Barton (Senior Designer), Borys Jarymovych (Designer), John Schleef (Art Director), Matt Celli (Head of Chyron Implementation), Phil Paully (Technical Director), Greg Catanzarita (Technical Director), Craig Wilkie (Chyron Implementation)

The whole month Santasombra proudly collaborated with JWT in the second round of the creation of motion graphics, 2D & 3D material for the Microsoft campaign “People Ready.” It was a successful, busy month for us.

{ April }

Santasombra is proud to announce that The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has nominated us for The 30th ANNUAL SPORTS EMMY AWARDS 2008/09, in the category of “Outstanding Graphic Design”, thanks to the work we did for NBC Olympics last year, for the Beijing Olympics ‘08 graphics package. The event will take place at The Fredick P. Rose Hall, Home of the Jazz at Lincoln Center, this coming Monday the 27th at 7:00PM. Wish us luck…

The Rabinal Project with Walterio is ongoing; we have a show opening at Carlos Woods Gallery in Guatemala City this Friday the 17th. Our next city to document is La Habana, Cuba.

The weekend of the 25th, Santasombra will shoot stop motion material along with NY based artist Sarah Walko. This is for the project “El Cadaver Exquisito.”

“Ever Amado” was accepted in the OXACA Film Festival. We will be there next month.

Santasombra has been invited to collaborate with K.O.M.A.L. Collective in the National Itinerant Exposition of Urban Art “Las Calles Estan Diciendo Cosas” in Mexico City. We will be there next month. Our role is to create a documentary and motion graphics material to be released in as a DVD package.

We just returned from Mexico… The projects “La Cocina Indigena” and “El Cadaver Exquisito” kept the crew very busy.
“La Cocina Indigena” (Indigenous Cuisine) is a Univision-funded project of Ernesto Hernández. It is a TV series of 30-minute shows and each program is filmed in a different city of Mesoamerica. The first two cities chosen were Texcoco and Tehotihuacan. We are participating in this project in the areas of directorial advising, camera work, editing and motion graphics content creation. We arrived first at El Paso, TX, then we drove to Ciudad Juarez and then flew to Mexico City. We were based at Texcoco, 30 minutes from the capital and Tehotihuacan.
Now we are back in the NY metro area, working on the editing phase and the creation of the motion graphics package for the show.

{ March }

Santasombra continues working intensively with JWT on the creation of motion graphics material for the Microsoft campaign “People Ready.” Also, we just started working with another brand for JWT, Neosporin.

From NYC to El Paso Texas, Ciudad Juarez, Mexico D.F., Texcoco, Teotihuacan and all the way back. This is the current itinerary for our next Project, “El Cadaver Exqusito”, a sequel to the story we started to develop a few years ago with our short Ever Amado. Production starts this March the 26th at El Paso TX, the next day the crew will drive to Ciudad Juarez and then Mexico DF. We will be back Sunday the 5th.

{ February }

Santasombra started working with JWT on the creation of motion graphics material for the Microsoft campaign “People Ready.”

Santasombra is helping Andrea Lira, a New York artist from The New School, in the creation of a video presentation/installation for the thesis show of Parsons: The New School for Design.

The Rabinal project with Walterio Iraheta from El Salvador is ongoing. We recently finished the first animation for this series. The Rabinal Project is a series of animations that will be presented as an installation using video projections. The project consist of a series of 125 pictures, placed together in a timeline of 13 minutes. At the same time, the main form of mechanical transportation of that specific place slowly forms itself. This is done using 3D models and HDR/global illumination set-ups for a hyper-realistic render. For the first animation, from a town called “Rabinal” in Guatemala, the means of transportation chosen was a bicycle.

Recently we had the opportunity to collaborate with JWT and The Nursery on the story boards for an upcoming Smirnoff TV campaign.

For our newest client “That’s Entertrainment TM” a division of Rivoli Design Group, Inc., we made a set of hybrid CD disks to be viewed on either PC or MAC.

“El Camaleón” is the new title for the project with La Escuela de Jóvenes Talentos and Dr. José Matias Delgado University, in San Salvador, El Salvador. Work is ongoing. We finished the proposal and currently we are awaiting approval of the budget.

{ Happy 2009 }

New year = new website. Santasombra has a new look and we are excited to show you what we’ve been up to lately.

Work currently in production inlcudes two separate short films. The first is a conceptual narrative produced by La Escuela de Jóvenes Talentos and Dr. José Matias Delgado University, in San Salvador, El Salvador.
The second short is a study in controversial social behavior, co-authored by Sara Walko of New York, NY and Rossemberg Rivas of San Salvador, El Salvador, shot on location in El Salvador, NYC and El Paso, TX.

Check out Santasombra’s experimental video work for Unclassified Time, in collaboration with Claudia Sandoval and Andrea Lira.

Ever Amado is being presented and broadcasted at Del Corazón Film Festival, in El Paso, TX, and is also available for viewing at Jaman: Your Home for Movies Online. Santasombra has also been invited to screen Ever Amado at the 3er Festival de Cine Latinoamericano in Oaxaca, Mexico this year.

Santasombra has partnered with Walterio Iraheta, an artist from El Salvador, to create a 3D/video projection series of images from the town of Rabinal, Guatemala.

The Nautilus Project is ongoing with Sara Walko in New York, NY.